Thursday, January 12, 2012

Furrydom: A Fetish Culture I Do Not Need Advertised Through Words with Friends

A foxy MILF would be one thing, but a fox wearing
mom-shirts is like seeing Sonic's robot resistance 20 years on.

Every time I see this ad while playing Zynga's "With Friends" games, I start to question which of my friends secretly enjoy donning a plush fursuit and 'pawing' each other in a 'yiff ball.'

And dear lord, help me, I did not learn even he littlest bit of that from that one episode of CSI. I've just been to some of the darkest recesses of the internet. I've seen things, man. And I've seen some man-things there too. And a few things modern science is still searching to find proper classifications for.

Point being, I've got nothing against sexy anthropomorphic creatures, or people who enjoy pretending to be them (except people who wear tails full-time, that' still a bit odd to me, but I imagine that's societal convention talking and not a deep-set bias).

I just don't want to have to look at a MILF of a fox while playing Zynga games.

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