About The Sound A Doggy Makes

"Author, reverend, artist and all-around know-it-all, David E. Zucker has taken the art of post-modern elitism to a new level … and the genre has never looked better."

"The Sound A Doggy Makes" is a reference to 1990s Saturday Night Live "Celebrity Jeopardy!" sketches. Sean Connery originally answered, "Moo," then claimed it to be the sound your mother made last night, before being corrected and again insulting your mother.

If it is not otherwise obvious from the humorous nature of the posts, the humorous images, or humorous name and subtitle of this blog, The Sound A Doggy Makes is a humor publication. As such, nothing herein should be taken seriously and no holds shall be barred.

As author I have sole discretion over what gets published and I ascribe to the Roger Rabbit school of thought. I will do or say anything–within the confines of the law–"only when it's funny." Since I have a degree in writing things which  are funny, please assume any lack of laughter on your part is resultant of my writing style being too intellectual and going over your dumb poopyheads.

WARNING: The Sound A Doggy Makes is by no means NSFW, though will occasionally feature strong and suggestive language. More often if a lot of swearing makes something funnier. Still, my mom reads here sometimes.
Any comments made taking this blog seriously will be severely mocked.

You have been warned.