Saturday, January 31, 2009

On Insomnia

This one time I stayed up 28 hours straight because my girlfriend at the time was an insomniac, and she wanted to break her old record and stay up for a full 48.

Yes, to make the young lass happy, I laid in bed awake with her for 4 hours while the rest of the world was asleep. She told me about the times she stayed awake so long she began conversing with people she knew were not there, though they responded to her just the same. She told me about her family reunion every year and her criminally, escalating-ly violent boss and all sorts of groovy things.

We determined that I had a chick's horoscope and she had a dude's, and we were essentially the same dysfunctional person. We talked about squirrels tail colors and armies of them, and booped each other on the nose and said "Mwerp," which I had to figure out how to spell.

I dozed a bit until 5am when we hit her hour 48, I congratulated her, and then I immediately fell asleep. She followed shortly. Around noon we got up and I went back to my place, took a nap, a shower, ate something and then went off to ace a final exam.

Middle-to-Late British Literature is insignificant next to the power of snuggles.


  1. Why didn't you just say, "Hey, I hear blow-jobs keep you awake... or put you to sleep... what are we trying to do here?"

  2. Because that is inappropriate so long as people who know her still go to school here.


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