Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On Twitter

I refused to get a Twitter account for a while, mostly because I prefer my mobile phone to be a phone and not a uselessly tiny computer. I finally caved after I learned that the entirely fictional cast of a webcomic I buy shirts from all had their own accounts which one could follow if one had one's own account.

After friending 9 fake people, one website, three webcomic artists, and 2 of my friends who no longer utilize it, I got my own Twitter.

Now I actually like this thing. The only thing I'm still uneasy with is the present-tense verb "Tweet." I would tweet if this were Tweeter, but it's not; it's Twitter. I should be twitting. I could Twit on the toilet whilst I shit. This of course could never be a marketable catch-phrase, as it inevitably leads to the past-tense phrase "I twat."

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