Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Am On Fire (In A Figurative, Not Literal Sense)

Things I Did Today:
  • Woke up at 1 p.m.
  • Showered
  • Ate a breakfast of banana, yogurt, pumpkin(?) bread and a brownie
  • Had class/wrote script
  • Had class/watched Bio-Dome. Joey Lauren Adams. Go figure.
  • Pet a wandering Rottweiler around 7 p.m.
  • Bought some wine
  • Made chicken cordon bleau + salad
  • Did reading, finished group project
  • Baked chocolate chip cookies from scratch
  • Rebuild light switch in beer pong room (did not get electrocuted)
Things I Did Not Do Today:
  • Masturbate
I know correlation does not prove causation, but the facts are indisputable.

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  1. You didn't masturbate?!))) As one madman said, masturbation can reveal the secrets of the Earth (sounds really stupid...)


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