Monday, April 12, 2010

On Business Models

"Do these frames look alright on me? I can't tell
because I'd need fucking glasses to see."

Last night I finally lost one of the little nose pads from my glasses.

It happens often enough, but I can usually find the little thing without much panic and after little searching. It's not even really that bothersome to wear my glasses without a pad. The right one has a tendency to come off if I even pull off a t-shirt too quickly, but the left one sticks in place fairly well. I can get by with just left for a day or two.

Anyway, today I went over to LensCrafters to get a new pad. They're always very nice about it and even give me a little lens cleaning and realignment before sending me on my merry way.

I asked if I could maybe get a few spare nose pieces since the right one tends to pop off a lot, but the lady at the counter told me, "No, sorry, we can't sell those."

Here's what I don't understand: They don't sell those.

LensCrafters offers as a special service free adjustments to any pair of glasses, even pairs they didn't sell you. It's a draw to bring in more business with pleasant, speedy, convenient service.

But why can't you just give me a couple of those free nose pads? It's not like you charge anyone for them. Hell, I've only bought glasses from LensCrafters before. If you're giving a product away for free, what's the sense in making me come back every time I lose one to waste your time sticking a new one on it? Do you really want me to go out and buy like a dozen for myself from a wholesaler? You'll never see me again, LensCrafters.

Except if I come in before May. That flier you gave me about 30% off frames-and-lenses is actually a really good deal if I can combine it with AAA.

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  1. Just picked up a pair of glasses from Lenscrafters last weekend. And speaking from experience, they don't let you combine the AAA discount. One discount or the other.

    No AAA discount combined with awesome other deal? No free pads in bulk? I am feeling feelings of outrage.


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