Monday, April 19, 2010

Sandwich Alternatives to the KFC Double Down

I can't believe I actually got two blogs out of this monstrosity.

Sandwich Alternatives to the KFC Double Down:
  • The Blackjack: 5 ounces of garlic mashed potatoes held between two 8 oz. Black Angus strip steaks, marinated in Jack Daniels BBQ sauce and fire grilled to perfection.

  • The Russian Roulette: a Wendy's Classic Triple with "Double the Beef" option; six 1/4-lb (precooked wt.) all-beef patties, one of which is infused with a randomly selected dipping sauce for the extra adventurous eater. Served with two 5-piece nuggets and a large Coke (no ice). [Also called "The Jay O'Neill."]

  • The Slot Player: a $3 buffet voucher good for any cold sandwich, small soft drink or juice and any small bag of chips or an apple. Includes triple-cherry cobbler.

  • The Prize Fighter: a super-heavy weight 88 oz porterhouse, served with absolutely nothing but your own sweat as it drips, beef-scented from your brow down onto your plate.

  • A heart attack sandwiched between a couple of mild strokes.

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