Saturday, June 15, 2013

10 Buzzfeed Lists I Never Want to See Again

1. Anything longer than 10 bullet points

2. Anything 90% videos with grainy, ambiguous stills I don't feel like loading

3. Anything I "Wish I Had"

4. Anything about the '90s that was more a personal than objective experience

5. Lists that say the same thing four different ways, just to get to the right bullet count

6. Lists that repeat themselves

7. Any reasons my mom was "amazing." I know she was amazing. I don't need a list. Shut up.

8. Anything that will "Inspire" me or make me "thankful"

9. Anything you think I didn't know about Disney, history, celebrities, Pokémon, but specifically Disney celebrities

10. Lists that go on so long I lose interest and pray the next scroll shows me the comments 

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