Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On Bro Bands

I went to see O.A.R. perform at Madison Square Garden a few years back. I figured why not? I knew two of their songs and I rather liked those two songs, so why not? Unfortunately I had underestimated the type of people who predominantly like bands such as O.A.R., that is bros.

Now I thoroughly enjoyed the show and I found the music enjoyable, despite not being able to understand a single word they sang and my intense dislike of any music that relies heavily on jamming to sustain its appeal. The fact of the matter is, though, O.A.R. is a bro band.

"What is a bro band?" you ask? Well as my friend Mike so aptly stated at MSG that night, "It's like they turned Madison Square Garden into a giant frat house."

Yes, a bro band is defined by TheUrbanDictionary as "an expansion of jock-rock which is the male parallel to the boy band; any music that causes 'Bros' to enter a state of wild abandon, swinging their arms violently, spilling beer and lip-syncing every lyric perfectly, essentially causing them to act like crazed club-girls.

"Examples of Bro-Bands include Blues Traveler, Dave Mathews, The Dispatch, James Blunt, O.A.R., and others."

And I can totally quote that because I added it myself a few weeks after that show. The best was when the random ad on that page was for the new DMB Live album. Wicked.

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