Sunday, May 9, 2010

On Power Lines

Hooray! I actually got this all completed on my iPhone, but the picture was enormous. Rather than need to fix it, the power just came back on! GO SERENDIPITY (NOT THE MOVIE)!

The last time I was at a blackout party it wasn't really voluntary. I mean I was there voluntarily, it's just the light's weren't.

Apparently the power outlet in any kitchen by the refridgerator is required to be supplied with electricity at all times, I guess for health and safety reasons. Well when poor college kids don't pay their electric bill, that means like eight daisy-chained powerstrips keeping everyone's laptops and iTunes running off the one plug not cooling the fridge.

Also, apparently one light somewhere had to always work. So beer pong in the hallway.

The last time I was at a blackout party we got kicked out because Jay and Dan were too nasty at beer pong. Granted, they also spouted some very provincial trash talk which outside our town could easily be construed as a racial thing, but that's not the way I like to remember the story.

Anyway, my house just blacked out, I assume because it's windy and I already saw a powerline downed earlier today just down the road.

That said, I'm blogging this from my iPhone, so just imagine a picture at the top of this entry of Powerline, the still-black Michael Jackson rip-off from A Goofy Movie. I'll work on getting that up when I get full Internet back with the power.

Now I just have to find an iPhone-friendly porn site and I'll be set.

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