Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Am Not Resistant to Change, I Just Don't Like You

Sometimes opening up my blog to compose a new post is all it takes to inspire me with something to actually talk about. Today, for example, I had another Google/Blogger-related issue:

My dashboard offered to let me try the new Blogger interface. In fact, the offer is still at the top of my header as I write this. Now, I'm always wary of technological change, but I have been using the same set-up for two years. An update might not be as unwelcome as a change, per se.

Yeah, it was pretty awful. I've had trouble with Blogger only supporting templates as wide as 1000px but this was like trying to navigate my blog's dashboard, including reading list of followed blogs, through the new white-and-red Gmail template. Which I already rejected as ugly and and sort of … I want to use the word blinding. Visually sharp and eye-hurt-y.

So of course when asked to leave feedback as to why I chose to revert to the "old" interface, how could I not?

For the record: I wrote in "Visually unintuitive and unappealing to the point of being ineffectual."

For personal comments, I added the following:

I've never had to say this in review of a website, but there is TOO MUCH negative space. The layout fundamentally underutilizes the multiple columns layout in favor of scaling to fit a wide-screen display.

Not only does this mean MORE scrolling than before and a waste of useful page real estate, it doesn't even bother to fit with the visual organization, style or branding of any available Blogger template design. It eschews both form AND function in favor of rebranding Blogger with Google's newest "plain white" design, something that has raised significant controversy and has as yet failed to prove itself by its own merits.

I hope significant changes allow this to become a viable interface set-up in the future, but currently it detracts from the use and appeal of the current format while bringing literally nothing of significant value to the table. As much as it is forward momentum, change for change's sake is generally considered by the internet and tech communities as being a carnal sin. May the Spin Doctors (of media, not the band) protect you.
 The funny thing is I really want to be proven wrong. That just requires, you know, talent and taste and tact. Google's good for about 2/3 of those on any given day.

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  1. I'd be pretty pumped if the Spin Doctors, as a musical act, protected me.

    What's that? You want me to use your new format? I'll be happy to try it...after you listen to "Two Princes" on loop for two hours.


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