Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Marijuana Periodicals on the Rise

Today I found a cookbook dedicated to the culinary use of marijuana. I noticed various baked goods, even chile con carné, and a butter recipe for use in damned near anything, something I've heard of doing. (Basically these guys made a couple pounds of butter and froze it, then got a good buzz pretty much with any dinner they felt like.)

I also came across a copy of this:

Is this newsstand item classified as:
A. "Alternative Medicine" (as self-described)
B. Gardening
C. Lifestyle (a catch-all for everything from "men's magazines" to tattoo art)

Answer: C. Lifestyle.

Right next to this:

This guy:

and this monstrosity:

Dear god. The debased lengths these niche freaks will go to.

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