Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ironic Book Locations in a Barnes & Noble

"No, we're not B. Dalton and we're doing just fine, thank you."
  • Books on back pain
    • Health; bottom shelf
  • WWII magazine
    • Newsstand; Current Events
  • "Get Rich Quick!"
    • 'Misplaced' in Religion; Bibles
  • "Wuthering Heights," (164 years old)
    • Teen fiction (which is incidentally equal in size to "Paranormal Teen Romance," god help us.)
  • Every comic book not in the comics section:
    • Allison Bechdel's Fun Home, Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis and Spiegelman's Maus in Bio
    • The manga bibles (religious, not artistic). [Two different ones, plus versions of Genesis and Exodus, but oddly not R. Crumb's fully illustrated Book of Genesis.]
    • All of the Simpsons/Dilbert/Peanuts/etc comics misfiled as "Humor" that are actually better suited as kindling.

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