Thursday, March 28, 2013

Photoshop You Are Making My Life Too Difficult

Maybe I just need to buy a gazillion more petabytes of RAM, but some days all I want is to be able to take a photo, maybe mess with the levels a little bit, and slap some centered text over that bitch.

Yes, sometimes I also want to Photoshop a man's head onto a famous celebrity Olympian for the purpose of impressing his friends and winning a bet, and sometimes I paint a former college President to highlight her uncanny resemblance to the puppet from Saw. And sometimes I'm even asked by my family to crop the girlfriend out of a photo of some guy who looks like my deceased great-uncle-in-law so his surviving fiance can have a picture of him but no one wants to even copy an original.

But some days you just gotta slap text on a bitch and "Innitializing Type tool" is about fifteen seconds of "What the shit was Adobe been doing the five solid minutes this mother was starting up?"

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