Sunday, March 1, 2009

On Prosperity

For the first time in my life I shall be receiving a tax refund.

What shall I be doing with my massive windfall of over $110, you ask? The answer is simple: Splurging to support the economy.

I have purchased a shirt online which will be taxed. I have also placed eBay bids on a rare and out-of-print vinyl single by a band I like, as well as a pair of badass mad scientist goggles to go with my lab coat, though these items will not likely be taxed at any point. (Conversely, the eBay sellers will take that money and pay their own bills, which will then revitalize something something something.)

I also plan on doing a little shopping for fancy clothes using coupons I was given, thus enabling me to look 1.67% snazzier on a daily basis or 56% snazzier in a single job interview.

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