Friday, March 6, 2009

On The Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

Here's how the meeting for this went down:

"Hey, guys, so do we have any headway on the McGriddle Nullification Project?"

"Yes, sir! Meet the Waffle Breakfast Sandwich!"

"Great! It's got egg?"

"Yes, sir!"





"And it's on a waffle, now?"

"Yes, sir!"

"So how do you get the maple syrup on it? Dunkers?"

"Oh, golly, no, sir! The syrup's baked right in!"

"… So it's a McGriddle."

"Oh, no, sir! It's a Waffle sandwich."

"Right, but it's exactly what's in a McGriddle."

"But with waffles. Yes, sir."

"So the key difference is the shape of the bread?"

"Yes, sir."

"And how far away is McDonalds from attaining this syrup-injected waffle technology."

"Very close, sir, but we believe they've yet to test it on a live mammal."

"… alright. Make the call. We can have this out by morning and snag the copyright. Good work, gentlemen. "

"Sir, might I recommend we move quickly into production so that R&D can begin focusing on the mini-muffin project."

"Are they mini'd yet?"

"We're hoping for to discover a micro-muffin within the year, but the detection technology is just too far behind."

"Well I promise you, Thomson, if this waffle thing pulls through for you you'll be getting a substantial budget boost. Let's see those Biscotti big-wigs over at the European agency compete with that."

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