Friday, May 22, 2009

Idea for Movie

Remake of Highlander, preferably starring Christian Bale a few years down the line from now.

Bale is Connor MacCloud, a 16th century Scottish highlander exiled from his village when he miraculously revives after a fatal accident. Accused of witchcraft, he wanders the wilderness until he is found by the stately Ramirez, a man who reveals they are both immortal members of the human race, destined to fight each other to the last man throughout time. Originally an Egyptian-turned-Spaniard played by Scotsman Sean Connery, Ramirez could easily be recast as Liam Nieson, more easily explaining his appearance in Western Europe, but anyone awesome and older would fill this odd role just as easily.

Following a good 20 minutes of training and dialogue basically lifted from Batman Begins, the evil Kurgan comes and rapes/kills MacCloud's wife, and then decapitates Ramirez in ImMortal Kombat. Connor cries and such. Time skip to present day.

MacCloud has reinventeted himself many times, now residing in NYC as an art dealer under an assumed name. Some chick takes an interest in him under the pretext of uncovering the smuggling opperation that she assumes supplies his immaculate lost treasures. Despite this, they develop a romantic relationship. Durring the course of her investigation she discovers via computer records and old photographs that he is hundreds of years old. She confronts him and they fuck wildly.

Meanwhile, The Kurgan has arrived in NY and has been slaughtering immortals: a homeless man, an out-of-shape jewish butcher who fights with a scimitar or something?, and an effeminate european museum currator with a fencing foil. When he kills them lightning errupts and really cool effects happen.

You know what? This is pointless. You all know the movie. It just sucks because the '80s were kind of awful, the effects were rather awful, the acting/actors were awful save Kurgan, and the sequels were so awful they negated the awesome-factor of having Sean Connery there, as incongruous as he was.

Basically, I just wanna update the movie by including good effects, the instantaneous telecommunications crap and good, attractive actors. Also, I wanna throw in some of the better mythos from the later crap I only half-understand and then end without The Prize/Quickening. Maybe by becoming more powerful MacCloud could start to "feel" other immortals around him and realize that there are larger fights yet to come. It'd set up a whole new franchize with a killer action movie as a remake no one expects.


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