Saturday, April 6, 2013

How to Tell If Yours Is Not the One True Religion

• No one ever photographs you silhouetted against a backdrop of streaming, radiant light.
  • You actually get to see the zombie apocalypse, but your neighbor disappeared in a blinding flash of light.
  • The last time you skipped church, booming, ominous choruses of trumpets didn't signal your soul's eternal damnation.
  • Your religion encourages you to murder anyone for any reason.
  • You are required to convert others just to be considered a good person.
  • The first time you made love, the crucifix nailed to your wall fell down and hit you on the head.
  • You have to pull into a gas station because your car lit up a "check soul" light.
  • You had gay sex outside the missionary position while using birth control with an atheist member of another skin tone after getting drunk on stolen sacramental wine on the Sabbath, and baby Jesus still didn't cry.
  •  You are Tom Cruise.

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