Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Of Family Tech Support

Grandma Computer Problem and How I Fixed It:
  • CD tray not ejecting
    • Smack it until it works

  • DVD not playing
    • Explain that DVD player by TV will not play videos of cousin's wedding just because they are burned to a DVD instead of a CD.
  • Printer will print from internet but not local programs, gives "Printer is offline" message
    • Turn printer on before clicking "print," replace black ink cartridge
  • Monitor is too big, heavy
    • Replace monitor with fancy new widescreen OLED LCD Uncle bought
  • New monitor is too dark
    • Increase brightness
  • New monitor makes everything "look weird"
    • Adjust resolution/aspect ratio to better match 800x600 on her old CRT
  • Font still too small
    • Readjust aspect ratio, increase font/icon size manually, decrease resolution
  • AOL still too small to read without reading glasses
    • "Get computer glasses."
  • "No!"
    • Return swanky OLED LCD monitor, replace with four year old flat-panel with visible individual pixels, hate self

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