Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On Geeky Cell Phones

So far, there have been a limited number of Star Wars phone accessories. A few printed iPhone cases, a limited edition Droid shell that looks sort of like R2-D2, but that's about it. Well the other day, I saw the Exovault EXO5 case for iPhone 4 made of engraved black aluminum and  with rosewood sides.

Seriously? Has no one made the connection yet? Hell, Droid has basically made an entire ad campaign around the idea that a giant black brick in your pocket is vaguely akin to a certain extraterrestrial mono-form:

So let's get on this, Star Wars nerds. You know what that expensive-ass case looks like. You know there's no officially licensed case for what we want. And no, we don't want a crappy little skin. Come on.

We want a 3D, plastic molded case that will be impossible to actually store and remove easily from our pockets, in the shape of Han Solo embedded in carbonite. I have provided a mock-up.

Tell me you don't want one of those, nerds. Try to tell me. You can't.

(That is not an invitation to tell me. Stop it.)

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