Sunday, January 16, 2011

On Dreams, Pt. IX - Return to Dream Mountain

A couple nights ago I slept poorly, with odd dreams. Maybe got 6 hours in which would be great except it was the weekend. Then yesterday I took maybe a 30 minute nap and felt pretty okay up until nothing was happening at night. I thought I'd go to bed early, wake up in the middle of the night for a few hours and then go back to bed, resetting my sleep schedule so I would at least wake up at the appropriate time today.

So … I slept for 12 hours straight last night, how about you?

So man dreams. So odd. I only really remember the last one; I was 9 or o and playing some weird version of Red Rover at the Jets training camp expo thing for either rich, diseased or obscenely lucky kids. It was a weird version of the game, though. Each child held onto the next by grasping between them a plank of wood about one foot by two feet, and the advancing player only succeeded if he broke through both links on either side of a kid, tackling him to the ground.

And for some reason, we were playing with a Jet. He wasn't big and he was fast, so I'm going to go ahead and describe him as a wide receiver. Since he needs a name, I am going to call him Terrell Owens, even though a quick Google/Wiki search has just informed me that while Owens miraculously is a wide receiver, he has never played for the NY Jets.

Long story short, Terrell was really really pissed that I didn't let go of one of my boards and shifted my weight around so he glanced off me and hit the ground pretty hard. He came at me twice more, breaking the links but seriously trying to injure me. The second time I stripped him of the ball (why did he have a ball, suddenly?) and he got piiiiiiiiissed … so yeah, obiously the third time he tried to kill me. His helmet came off in the first hit, so I realized if I just craned my neck in one direction as he basically bodyslammed me, our combined weight would instead come down right on the dome of his skull.

Man, Terrell Owens definitely respected me after I took him down three times in a row. We shook hands, even though all his fingers but one were broken. Terrell is a cool guy.

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