Monday, December 19, 2011

The Perks of Being an Overachiever

This past week I showed up to my job two hours late because I transposed the digits of my scheduled shift from 11-7 to 7-11. I assumed I'd be working the 4-hour late shift–reasonably, I think–since any more hours and I'd be in the realm of full-time and would then become eligible for benefits and overtime and such.

I was not. I got the call and I made it into work fairly quickly, and everyone was really nice about it. My boss didn't even know until the end of my scheduled shift. He was really cool about it and let me stay to make up the house as it was busy and we needed the help anyway.

Of course now I'm certain that this week's schedule has me down for 38.5 hours even after breaks, which definitely constitutes full-time at this store. So I'll be A) making bank, and B) they can't put me on even a single shift more, so I get Christmas Eve off. Baller. I'm gonna stuff myself full of cinnamon buns and bacon and sleep until it's time to open presents.

Still a little sad I don't get to see madness on the Eve, but not so much that I won't take the days off I can get.

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