Sunday, October 31, 2010

On Halloween

So I got bored last night and tried to figure out why the hell (sorry, really not intending to pun) we call the night before All Saints Day "Halloween." Obviously there's some relation to "All Hollow's Eve."

Well, if Christmas Eve precedes Christmas Day, then by process of elimination and congruence of terminology, "All Saints Day" should be preceded by "All Saints Eve." By the same logic, if "All Saints Eve" is the same as "All Hollows Eve," then a saint is a hallow. Which is actually completely true. In fact, having never read Harry Potter, I'm probably the last person in America to make this connection.

But forget all that. It's dumb. It's like every year when I have to cite the Old English halidæg, meaning "holy day," to explain that "holiday" means the same thing. (It's one letter off and sounds the same, Jesus Christ).

What I enjoy about Halloween has about as much in common with true holiday meaning as, well, what I enjoy about Christmas. I loved getting candy, but I can frankly buy my own  candy at this point in my life. Better candy. I don't need to walk three miles dragging a pillow case to do it. I can just drive my car to the supermarket and buy what a I really want. Hell, I spent two months looking for just the right kind of boxed chocolates to sate my cravings.

I like playing dress up. I like adopting a new persona and going out and staring at the other weird people admitting that we're never who we pretend to be. It's a very open, vulnerable experience, assuming you run into anyone you know. Otherwise, you're a completely different person and you yourself are protected from all societal norms and conventions and personal slights. It's fascinating.

Also, I love going out and getting drunk. On good booze. Celebrating. Money is secondary to fun. In costumes!…With booze!

2003 - Playboy
(2004 I was Dante from Clerks. No photo.) 
2005 - Emo
2006/2007 - Che Guevara

2008 - An Anonymous

2009 - Mad Scientist

2010 - Tony Stark

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