Saturday, October 23, 2010

On Political Mailers

I got some mail the other day. Who is trying to get me to vote for/against who/what now?

Yup. Republicans. Maybe they're thinking I'm somewhat disheartened after being a registered democrat for all of 6 years. Maybe it's time for a change I can believe in.
Not so much. I laughed out loud, alone in my car when I saw the return address on this was "The Republican National Committee." No, guys, I'm sorry. It's nothing against you personally, though I have severe personal issues with some of you. The problem's just that I actually understand how economics work, how logical debates work, and that I just don't have nearly enough money to buy into any of your domestic policies. Sorry!

But let's at least look at your bullet points. It'd be unfair to dismiss you otherwise.

"Republicans have a plan to get us back on track

Republicans will stop Democrats' runaway spending and return Washington's focus to where it belongs:
  • Stopping the tax hikes that would paralyze our recovery
    No, raising taxes helps the economy. How is there anyone left who doesn't know this after 11th grade History class?
  • Ending the climate of uncertainty that has small businesses afraid to hire
    Not an actual plan in any way.
  • Changing the culture of waste in Washington
    But Republicans are the culture in Washington. Considering how splintered Democrats are, Republicans are the largest functioning group.
  • Ending reckless spending and bailouts, and paying down the debt
    And spending the money instead on things republicans like, resulting in more lax economic policies and eventually necessitate bailouts. Brilliant.
  • Repealing the government takeover of healthcare, and replacing it with common sense reforms that reduce costs
    … for the percentage of the population that can actually afford to buy sufficient coverage.
No, no thank you. I'll continue to be a leftist, since that's still alright to do. I'm only registered anything so that I can vote the least useful characters out of one primary.

I had a history teacher my senior year of high school who described himself as a "Stealth Democrat." He'd been a registered Republican for probably 40 years but hadn't voted anything but Democrat in at least 25. Way to be, Mr. V.

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