Friday, October 1, 2010

On Method Acting

I've been mentioning things about New York Comic Con for a while now, so I guess it's about time to make the official announcement:

I will be attending this year's New York Comic Con/NY Anime Festival. They're together. I guess at some point prior to this they were not. But now they are. In any event, I am going, but I am going as a member of the press.

Why? Because I have a blog that frequently talks about really geeky topics.

What? I am going to go and interview no one interesting, but rather nerds. I am going to interview only the crazy people walking around and I am going to take pictures of/with them and tell all of you reader(s?) out there what they thought about all the stuff they will have seen and heard and sweated in.

How in the hell did I manage to achieve this? I asked. Seriously, I don't know why people don't do this. I have like two different questionably legitimate press badges and these guys just check that I indeed have a geek blog and I'm golden. People should be more proactive in their careers.

Dilemma: I am dressing as Tony Stark for this event, because it allows me to look professional while also blending in with the unwashed (strikingly unwashed) masses. Also, as part of the costume I will be required to act like a drunk, pompous asshole and hit on every attractive woman nearby.

Because I commit to my role.

Seriously, I've got the suite and tie and shoes and martini all ready. I've got a glowy chest piece. I've even got a black tank top and some welding goggles for the days when it's just too hot to walk through the Javits Center in a suite and tie. (Plus it shows off the killer upper bod I've got goin' on these days.)

There's only one problem: I'm getting too involved in my character. Con's a week away and I've already run through all the Wikipedia pages about Iron Man I find pertinent. I've plowed through both movies and all of the behind-the-scenes bonus features from the first Blu-Ray about character and tech and writing and story. I've even got a firm grasp on Ultimate Iron Man, for chrissake. I'm starting to get overload. I just got a hold of the animate Avengers movies and the Iron Man spin-off Invincible Iron Man.

I'm starting to go mad with power. My witty banter is too witty for someone who doesn't hold eight degrees in mechanical engineering and a few billion in bank notes. I'm developing a taste for alcoholic beverages I've never heard of. All the limbs on the left side of my body are starting to feel like they have repulsor jets on them.

Good God, I think I'm having a nerd stroke.

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