Sunday, October 3, 2010

On Wrong Numbers - Bitches Be Trippin'

CG Cats is pretty hilarious sometimes.
While not the worst wrong number I've ever had, nor the most hilarious ("How can you be a man so heartless?" "It's pretty easy actually. You have a wrong number by the way. Who is this?" "Naomi." "Naomi, how are you?" "Um, alright….", this is clearly the douchiest wrong number I've received in a long while.


ME: "Hello?"

CALLER: "Hi?…Is Kenny there?"

ME: "No, I'm sorry, you have the wrong number."

CALLER: *click* (HANGS UP)

CALL TIME - 12 seconds

What a bitch. When someone tells you you have the wrong number, you fucking apologize for wasting their fucking time.



ME: "You STILL have the wrong number." *click* (HANGS UP)

CALL TIME - 4 seconds

That's what you get, you discourteous fucking bitch.

Goddam! You have two options at this point. Either you got handed a fake number, probably because you're a complete bitch, or you're too fucking dumb to work an area code. Personally, I'm pretty hard pressed to guess which of those two it might be. I mean you can work a blocked call, but that could just as easily have been set up by calling the phone company and paying some guy $25 which, admittedly, you probably paid with your mouth since he was helping you set up you out-call only "therapeutic massage" service.

Since you don't understand a lot of things I'll say that again in smaller words:

You're a fucking whore.

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