Friday, December 17, 2010

On Guidos

*Offensive language discussion ahead!*

Guido Jesus is frightened of of no man or beard.
 I think I just came to a startling revelation:

Guido is to Italians as nigger is to black people.

Dear God, no, I'm not saying that "guido" is as offensive a term as "nigger" is. I mean guidos actually are niggers, according at least to Chris Rock's standard definition. They're just not black.

Guidos hate to work. Guidos think they're more important the dumber they behave. Guidos steal shit (or perform 'a robbery'). Guidos have an odd propensity towards new sneakers, white t-shirts and brightly colored, fruit-flavored alcoholic beverages.

It doesn't matter that (only genetically) guidos are white. Even they try to deny that one. No, Chris Rock taught us all that being black is completely different from being a nigger, just as South Park taught us a while back that being gay no longer has anything to do with being a fag. The fact of life is that we have progressed far enough as a society to hate people not for the color of their skin but for the assholes they are on the inside.

And thank Ed Hardy wearing white Jesus for that.

This still might be one of the best things I've ever drawn.

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