Thursday, December 16, 2010

On Procrastination and Class

I really should have been working on my book today.

It's already evident that I'm not going to have a finished third draft by the end of the year. I may have stood a chance if I really buckled down, but instead I decided to, yeah, work a little bit and earn some money for Christmas.

Fine. Whatever.

But now I'm tired from working and I'm full of pizza and I'm not exercising and I find myself procrastinating. Case in point:

Somewhere along the line I was linked a DropBox link which opens a YouTube video in each of three object windows, looping them indefinitely. They are a video of a fireplace and the audio of smooth jazz and a quiet rainstorm.

I forget what it was originally called, but I just have it saved to my desktop as "Pure Class." This is like the most relaxing thing I've ever found, and I'm including relaxing erotic hypnosis. (I don't have to but, hell, I'll do it for the children.)

Unfortunately, this link won't work on an iPhone, since part of it's Flash based and despite my best warranty-voiding shenanigans I can't play it.

Well, I was looking for a way to procrastinate and not work on my book.

So two hours later I've ripped each of the original videos from YouTube, converted the fireplace to .mov and the other two to .mp3, combined them in Garageband and published back to YouTube in a single video. If you want some class in your life, here's the dropbox link.

And if you're on a mobile device and want just as much class in your life, like I often am, here you go:

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