Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Addams Family Matters

I'd been intrigued by it for a while, but after getting the following mailer a few days ago, I'm thinking I really do need to see The Addams Family Broadway musical.

Yup, that's Booke Shields doing Morticia. I mean, she's no Nathan Lane, but she was pretty awesome in The Muppets Take Manhattan.

I'm actually not a huge Addams Family fan, though my mother certainly was growing up. And I have to admit, the one tape we had I loved watching over and over. It was a fascinating and cutely quirky show. John Astin is a comedy specialist with a delivery on par with Groucho Marx. All the creepiness was toned down and the characters were loveable. The cartoon version from '92 was much the same, even featuring Astin's voice! Neither was as disturbing or fantastical as the live action movies.

Of course, none of this has anything at all to do with why I want to see this musical. Nor is it a love of musical theater, the arts, or even Ms. Shields. It's got more to do with the back art of this little brochure they sent me:

No, not the boobs, though they are very nice. They're still Brooke Shields, though. Ignore the primary focal point at the cleavage and the 4-star review. Zoom in, middle right.

Yup. I'm a Wednesday Addams dork. Not even ashamed to admit it. Christina Ricci gave me funny feelings when I didn't even understand what to do with them, and she's only gotten more and more incredible with age. (It also doesn't hurt that at 31 she can still play an 18 year old.) All the Wednesday Fanboyism kind of fell out of that. I'm also sure I have some type of deep-rooted psychological fixation on short, dark-haired creepy girls who may or may not want to eviscerate me (preferably poist-coitus, if it has to happen).

And what's the plot of The Addams Family musical? Wednesday falls in love. And is still creepy. But she always wants to make out. And maybe wear a dress. That's one wonderful idea with three nerdgasm-inducing addenda. Who could ever replace dear little Christina, though?

Well, the role was originated by Krysta Rodriguez:

and since May of 2011 has been performed by Rachel Potter.

I'd really like for us to keep encouraging cute little girls to be outspoken and a little homicidal. Just a little. (Okay, a lot a little.)

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