Sunday, August 7, 2011

HP Cell Phone Advertising Is Trippy At 3am

I've been seeing these commercials Hewlett-Packard puts out with celebrities holding mobile devices in front of their faces. Miranda Cosgrove had a Veer phone, Lea Michele has some kind of tablet, and that that tiny but deadly MMA fighter  has another tiny phone.

Here's the thing, the phones end up showing, after user interface examples, the face of the person holding up the device. It's not a false device framing them, it's most likely a device shell with a little green screen on it. Which means there was film of the celebrity saying their final bit where a visible face, then that gets superimposed on the device, which blocks it out until the device moves. Someone even goes in and adjusts the image to be a little off, proportionately. That's class, right there. I mean Miranda Cosgrove and Lea Michele are both pretty cute young women. And that tiny scary dude isn't homely enough that I'd feel safe announcing it on the internet without fear of reper-concussion, so somebody going in to make those adjustments makes them look just subtly weird enough that I'm repulsed by all HP products and spokespersons.

On the up side, thinking about this is like staring into an M.C. Escher painting of advertising.

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