Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On Rectangles or the Smurfs

It's troublesome to consider how much my life is affected by rectangles.

We work in rectangles, set up in big office rectangles so at the end of the week we are paid with a paper rectangle that represents many, similarly-sized cloth rectangles, which we cash or deposit at large rectangles.

These rectangles pay for the rectangle I live in, the glowy rectangle I stare at when I'm writing (with it's square keys being equilateral rectangles), the larger rectangle on the wall I stare at when I'm not writing, and the smaller glowy rectangle that lives in my pocket and remembers for me everything that doesn't stay in my brain because my brain isn't as good as a rectangle.

Then I go to sleep in my rectangle and dream about making out with people I've rarely if ever met and running from different types of rectangles.

*Note: If you replaced every instance of the word "rectangle" in the above text, that would be a fair representation of what it's like listening to the Smurfs. So see the movie accordingly.

"GO ASK ALICE!…WHEN SHE'S THREE APPLES TALL!!!"(Smurfs are actually 'three-apples tall.' Fun Fact.)

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