Saturday, August 20, 2011

The HP TouchPad: You Could Give It Away With A Hooker and a Bag Of Cool Ranch Doritos, and No One Would Want It

I read on a tech rumor blog just now that the much-lamented and now doomed HP Touchpad is not only being given away with HD televisions in some retailers, it might have it's price quartered to $100.

Quartered. Like William Wallace. But this isn't the Braveheart of tablets. Well, maybe it is; it's a once possible contender for the throne that fought hard for (software) independence from tyrannical social norms imposed upon them by others. And they both failed. Spectacularly.

A hundred bones for a WiFi- and bluetooth-capable tablet? That plays flash? With 16 or 32 GB and a gig of memory? Sounds pretty awesome, suddenly! I actually looked up a couple in-depth reviews because of all that.

Yeah, no, it's still a crap tablet. And it's not like there's going to be any more apps coming out. Ever, really. Maybe if I buy seven and hock them on eBay for parts I can make enough for an iPad.

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