Friday, February 24, 2012

On Swagger

I saw a man walking down the street who had some serious swagger going on. He was swinging his arms, shoulders back and out-of-time with his step. Boy was on his game wearing that black and yellow, leather track jacket, all oversized and baggy.

I think that's the secret, really. The trick to having swagger is just to walk like you're wearing a jacket at least two sized larger than you should be. Gotta keep the torso up and out, high and wide, wear the gate of a child, keep daddy's jacket on.

And I mean, try to look all angry and badass, too.

Don't be like the next guy I saw down the street, suited-up and professional, walking like he's traveling between places, not going somewhere. That guy's got no swagger. He's got power walk. Saunter if he's lucky.

Of course the next person was an old lady with what I could only describe as "shuffle," so power-walk while you still can, I guess.

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