Friday, February 10, 2012

On Virtual Interaction

© Zynga or something. Love you guys.
Gave you money. Please don't sue.
So, percentage-wise, at least, this past week most of my social interactions have been through iOS apps.

This isn't nearly as bad as my facebook "City of Eternals" phase, in which–unlike every other nerd in an RPG, I exclusive ran around leveling up and solo-questing, only battling other players because I hated them as much as real people, if not more so, really.

No, this time I'm playing "With Friends" games against my actual friends whom I see in real life. And occasionally some people from high school or college, but mostly people I legitimately see every week.

However I can pretty much guarantee this is the most we've interacted in many months, you know, sober.

"Hanging with Friends: We'll keep you talking until you can find more beer."

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