Friday, February 17, 2012

A Serious Question

Something's been bothering me for about a week now, and I really want you to give it some serious thought before you say your answer. I don't mean to put you on the spot, or call your own choices into question, I just want you to think carefully and then tell me your honest feelings.

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What socks do you think Batman wears?

I'm genuinely asking. I mean I'm sure at this point they're most likely to be some kind of padded, reinforced number built into the body stocking he wears under the layered armor and gizmos, a lot like what samurai wore beneath their lacquer and theatrically embellished helmets.

But at some point, early on, before all the gadgets and climate-optimized, sweat-wicking body suits, Batman must have had something simpler. If Year One is what we're basing his career from, the first times he went out he was simply disguised as an average goon in a brown leather and denim, maybe a biker helmet. Did he put any thought into utility beyond authentic disguise? Not really. He certainly didn't mull his choice of socks over any further than "Would this look atypical on a street thug?"

So basic black, then?

I'm sure Bruce Wayne is always immaculately dressed. He still has a habit of donning mostly black, so maybe a simple pattern here and there, if Alfred picked it out. I'm sure he'd find anything simple and solid-toned satisfactory. Comfort and style don't play a huge roll in protecting the innocent and mauling criminals unless you're Booster Gold.

Buy what if, just what if, maybe, somewhen, Batman has little duckie socks on under his stomping boots?

Just what if, guys?

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