Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tea Fest | Live Blogging

Willford Brimley is having none of this.

Sergeant Pickering is appalled and a little aroused.

It does not work as well, however, when you already have a mustache.

12:54 - Fun Fact: Tea is a diuretic. And NYC deli French toast is a laxative.

12:18 - "Aura Picture Reading." That's bullshit. I know people who can read then right off you, no photo gear. Legit.

12:04 - Bullet energy drink is just Red Bull in a British can. Which makes me wonder if we imported all those english cartoon characters.

11:30 - Barista Competition. Douchey-haired dude in tie talking way too much, severe, podgy German boy with latex gloves straightening everything, and some stoners who it back last week just to save their coffee shop (I guess). Molecular gastronomy. Winners get to harvest coffee themselves. Basically, you become a Mexican migrant worker.

11:20 - bunch of paintings of flowers that are essentially Georgia O'Keefe portraits.

11:17 - teabean - white tea and coffee blend. Spokeswoman is half-black. Apropos.

Location:W 37th St,,United States

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