Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LEGO Still Has a Sense of Humor

Star Wars LEGOs have always been one of my favorite childish adaptations of an epic franchise. They always maintain an adorable humor about their place in the grand scheme of the Saga, but they never forget that serious poodoo is going on around them. Yeah, there's a G.I. Joe level of Stormtroopers miraculously surviving certain death, but droids bite it all the time and lasers still scare people. LEGO men and women still fear death.

Which makes this new medium-difficulty set all the more adorable horrifying adorifying.

The A-Wing fighter was first utilized cinematically in the Battle of Endor, during Return of the Jedi. The fastest ship in the rebel squadrons, it was frankly too quick to be easily shot down. This was important, since the small craft were very poorly shielded. This particular A-Wing, however, was piloted by Green Squadron commander Arvel Crynyd, who managed to recover enough control over his catastrophically damaged craft to plunge it directly into the bridge of Darth Vader's personal Super Star Destroyer Executor. This could have ended very badly for no one but Arvel, had Executor just lost its bridge shields to Green Squadron's lasers.

Arvel's quick thinking got him the New Republic's highest honors posthumously, as well as a new award named in his own honor. They also ironically renamed a captured Imperial-class Star Destroyer after him. It also got him a little LEGO man who looks like this:

All the other promotional images I've found offer more of a stern, lopsided grimace of concentration, but I refuse to believe this little guy on the box is thinking about anything other than how he's doing his duty but is still really uncomfortable with this notion of "dying in a giant fireball."

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