Friday, February 8, 2013

Vietnam Magazine | For the shell-shocked history buff

This is a real magazine. It comes out monthly with Civil War Times and American Revolution Monthly and Marine Warfare. The difference being there are only a few men alive to remember WWII Times while the rest are long out of living memory, but there's one "police action" that's still with our aging veterans.

I don't see copies of "Gulf War (I) Digest" lining newsstands. I'm honestly surprised anyone would buy this magazine, save a few guys really into the history but were too young to have been there. Most war magazines tend to be purchased by people who've actually fought wars, ironic, since they typically had no extreme desire for murder prior to that.

Who wants to remember what Vietnam was like? No one's having flashbacks reading about the Battle of Trafalgar. Who would want this?

Maybe your shrink, I guess. They especially love old magazines.

"Well, Sergent, we've never really gotten to the bottom of what happened to the village that morning, but perhaps some nice READING MATERIAL WILL JOG YOUR MEMORY!"

Oh god, oh no, please, make it stop! I don't want to remember! Those faces! Those poor faces! *Sobbing*

"I think we've made real progress here today, Billy."

How many Vietnam vets would actually buy this magazine?

You don't know, man. 'Cuz you weren't there.

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  1. That's my friend Lou and his medic (who just happens to be named Billy) on that cover.

    Whoever wrote this is a dick.


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