Thursday, November 26, 2009

On Career Choices

So obviously today was Thanksgiving. (Obvious if you live in the U.S. and are reading this within a week or so of the post date. After that the obviosity of the situation drops significantly.)

Anyway, my mom's apparently been getting some flack for allowing me to sit around the house a sa post-grad seemingly doing nothing productive. Since I was definitely going to be asked what I'm up to in my life by at least every member of my family, I came up with a good answer.

Currently, I am writing a book.

Now this is true, but it will never satisfy anyone, as the immediate next question will be "Oh, about what?" Well I thought hard and came up with a great answer, sure to shut up any person smart enough to realize they have no idea or interest in what I am saying. Also, it is an accurate description of my book.

"Oh, what's it about?"

Answer: "Oh, pop culture and post-post-modern America."

So there's your out. Come up with a life project so academic-sounding from your field that no one you're related to can understand it. It's the same as titling your research paper.

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