Friday, November 6, 2009

On Equality

I watched an hour of the show Cheaters the other night and for the frist time I was proud of the show. I know, scary.

But actually it was quite good. They did one of their "Cheaters Updates" by interviewing the cheater from an old episode.

This particular incident involved three men.
  1. I am so proud of us for making trash T.V. with gay people that has nothing to do with the fact that they're gay. At best it's a novelty addition. At worst it's big, gay affirmative action.
  2. I am so proud of men in general for proving that we are even in the most betraying moments the more rational of the sexes. To a fault.
This guy in a Nike hat cheated on his business-suit-wearing boyfriend named Brock because he thought his boyfriend had already cheated on him. He took the abuse rightfully and appologized, and then very calmly said that he would pack up his stuff and be gone before his boyfriend got home. They would talk about it in the morning when the cameras were gone. Politely and honestly apologetic, "I owe you that," he said.

"Tell me here, now. You owe me that," the cheetee said.

"Not with the cameras I don't," the cheater replied, and calmly drove away.

In his return interview the cheeter explained that he had thought he had been cheated on and thus started messing around with this other guy. Brock turned out to be innocent of this and so Mr. Nike Cheeter apologized for his actions and said Brock "deserved better than I gave him." As it turns out, neither man has left their group of bar-hopping chums and are actually still friends. Really, only the third guy is disliked in any way.

Once again, men cannot be mad at each other if there is a reasonable explanation for their actions. SCIENCE BE PRAISED! ALL HAIL THE PENIS-BEQUEATHED FUNDAMENTAL FORCES!

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