Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ballsy Costumes of NY Comic Con 2011 (for which I had to scrounge flickr)

These probably would have made the list this year, if I had been able to get pictures of them when I first saw them. Since I didn't, I trolled flicker through 37 pages of "ny comic con 2011" tags and got most of them. All photos were free-use, except for the ones I stole for my personal collection. Sadly, you're not allowed to see those here.

X-Men - Man-Phoenix

Pretty sure I can see exactly how ballsy this guy was.

The Family Guy - Meg Griffin

This girl wasn't hideous, but she was pretty plain and kind of frumpy. All-in-all, it was an incredibly bold move to dress up like such a loathed character. That's just inviting hilarious punishment from fans "playing along."
X-Men - Dazzler

So … those might not technically be "balls," but I could certainly strip down to my skivvies on a beach and volley those back and forth in slow motion as keytar riffs from Kenny Loggins' "Playing with the Boys" echos through the surf, if you know what I mean.

Dr. Who - TARDIS Girl & Weeping Angel

You had a pretty sweet TARDIS dress, and the police box hat you made was the better of those I saw. Your weeping angel friend was really well down also, but I couldn't find your photos online.
Final Fantasy - (Black) Black Mage

The one I mistook for Orko last year was a bold move.

However, that guy didn't have to worry about all the "black" jokes. Ballsy move, Black Black Mage.

South Park - Girl Mysterion

That was a wicked question mark you had on your sweet-ass cape. Brava.
The Legend of Zelda - Navi

Why it's ballsy:

Because everyone wants to fucking kill you.

The Venture Bros. - Female Hench-Person

You could have gone for the Dr. Girlfriend, or Dr. Mrs. The Monarch like eight other women, or her White Queen costume, or even just plain college-age Sheila.

Instead, you went for the equal opportunity cosplay. Well done.
Final Fantasy VII - Sephiroth and Jenova

One is a pretty girl, and the other has a giant penis…

…coming out of her blue navel.

Star Trek - Fat Admiral Kirk

That was ballsy. Not only was your admiral's uniform movie-accurate, you padded your frame pretty plumply.

Had Robert Kirkman wandered past me on his cell phone, trying to locate a lost associate, I totally would have stopped you for my first picture taking opportunity Thursday preview.

But, man, Kirkman's got a powerful beard.
The Venture Bros. - Sgt. Hatred

So, you're overweight, over 25, and you're going to dress up like a known pedophile. Awesome. Great. Where's Chris Hansen?

(And no, he's not 'reformed' when he's wearing that costume.)

X-Men - Wolverine (Height Accurate)

Short of not having the perfect, admittedly huge and complex facial hair, you were my favorite Wolverine this year, because you were, well, short. You might have actually been 5'3", which would put you at just about eye level with the comic book depiction of Logan. Plus, I was just wishing for a short Wolvy about 5 minutes before you walked by, Saturday, so that was really convenient.

Fastball Special!

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