Thursday, October 20, 2011

Advice from NY Comic Con

1. Walking
  • Like Sand People, always ride single-file, both to hide your numbers and so people in a hurry can get around you.
    • Fat people, especially take note.
  • Hold hands to stay together, but trust that feeling the warm touch of another human is assurance enough they are still back there. Stopping and turning every six seconds is annoying to others.
    • Walking hand-in-hand, side-by-side is especially frowned upon.
      • Fat couples, really take note here.
  • As with guns, don't aim for where the open space is, aim for where it is going to be.
    • Experience playing "Frogger" helps.
  • You are going to see many interesting things. If you can help it, never stop in the path of foot traffic. Aim for a nearby corner, wall, or divider, and stay out of the way.
  • Unless they are going your way, never get stuck behind large or bulky costumes, or people in wheelchairs [or baby strollers].
    • If they are going your way, ride in their wake.
      • "Follow the Wookie" was something I never thought I'd joyously live to hear.
2. Personal Space
  • You don't have any.
  • Wear deodorant.
    • In fact, bring an extra stick. Even travel size. Maybe breath mints too.
  • Don't be the awkward old Asian man on the subway and start getting handsy with the cute girls. Most of them will take a photo with you in ridiculous poses as long as you ask. You can even touch them if you're not a creep about it. Just keep it to G-rated behavior, dude.
  • Be mindful of protruding parts of your costume.
3. Further Photo Etiquette
  • Always ask before taking a photo of someone unless they are already in the process of posing for someone else, in which case a simple head nod and smile is usually sufficient to beg a few seconds more of their time.
  • Offer your business card or email address in case they would like copies.
    • If you post photos online, credit the models where possible.
  • Compliment the costumer's performance
  • Do not take photos of a group and leave out certain members. Pull one aside and at least explain that you'd just like a special pose of said character in addition to the group shots.
  • Always thank the people when you're done.
4. Miscellaneous
  • Hitting on Booth Babes is like hitting on bartenders: don't do it while they're working or still in uniform.
    • Chat them up nicely, don't take too much of their time, offer to socialize if they have free time after they finish up and feel up for it. Do not be pushy or overeager.
  • Bring a big, empty bag. You will need it.
  • Hydrate.

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