Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On Accents

Why would I need photos of any another
British girl, again?
I saw a British woman the other day. She had a little girl with her, also British, which was about eight kinds of adorable.

Normally I'm all about little Asian babies, but this girl was something special, wandering around clutching her protruding belly with a grimace on her face, pleading with her grandma:

"Moy tummay huhts. Thahs a foyer in moy tummay!"

Oh my god. Adorable.

Little British girl, I hope your tummy hurts every day.

In Other News:

I'll be at New York Comic Con this week, finding new modes of nerdery with which to amuse you all.

Please accept a few short posts this week as I gear up for Thursday-through-Sunday and then some odd and interesting bits during the Con. Normal Service should resume Monday with some crazy stories and news coverage from the event!


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