Sunday, October 9, 2011

On Positive Stereotypes

I've mentioned before my belief that it's a duty to negate negative stereotypes with counter behavior, but some stereotypes are just positive overall. The most immediate thought is the "Asian people are good at math" thing.

Now, of course not all Asian people are good at math. I've read enough Japanese comic to know that some of them suck just as hard as any other ethnic group. However here's my personal experience:

Asian Kid (about 12): "How much is this book?"

Me: "Iiiiit's $20."

Kid (nervously): "$20?"

Me: "…But it's on sale for 20% off, so it's really $16."

Kid (less tentatively): "So $16!?"

Me: Well, yeah, $16 plus tax."

Kid: "Tax??"

Me: "Yeah, seven-and-a-half percent."

Kids: "So that's…?"

Really, kid? Really? I'm sorry, but it's not fare to ask me to give you percents that use the number 7. That's just bullshit. I sell books, kid. With a computer. My degree says "English" and "Writing," and I'm pretty sure the only number on there are the day and date.

I finally grasped that this kid was concerned because he only had a $20 bill to spend, which is cool, but dude, I heard you speaking Japanese to your little brother as he played Angry Birds. You can fluently speak two different languages, each properly accented. You're super-Asian, kid. I expected better from your parents.

Your brother was an emotionless little baller, though. That kid was badass.

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