Tuesday, October 4, 2011

On Christian Inspiration

14 million Jews worldwide. 12 million killed in the Holocaust.
There are 2 billion Christians. Just saying. Your community
picnics are probably a little bigger. Again, just saying.
There sure are a lot of Christian Inspiration books. Why are Christians so uninspired?

You'd think being the largest religion in the world would be pretty inspiring, what with the dominion and conquering and all. The Vatican is pretty sweet, and that whole "Dark Ages setting back the course of progress for a thousand years" was pretty influential. I think even the Chinese and Japanese felt that one.

Imagine how hard other peoples could have been subjugated, though, with an extra millennium's worth of technology.

Or I suppose we just would have done the same things 1,000 years earlier. Maybe the Romans would have fought World War II against the Heian Emperors in Japan, over iron deposits or something. Katanas and early flint-locks against Russel Crowe-esque gladiators in motor chariots and mustard gas? That would have been kind of awesome, yeah. Kind of frightening to conceive of, even.

So yeah, Christians, you blew it, guys. Whole world of alternate history fiction gone just like that. No wonder you're so down on yourselves.

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