Sunday, September 16, 2012

All Apologies

Many apologies, for the Kurt Cobain reference as well as the lack of blog post yesterday. Typically, I get something out unless I'm completely incapacitated in bed.

Well, yesterday I moved 98% of my possessions into my new apartment!

Except I worked myself unconscious last night, and again just now. So I missed a day, but don't worry! Because I have something amazing for you now, and I'll figure out something else also possibly amazing to show you letter today. That's a double dose of amazing!


Anyway, I rented a UHaul for the day, planning on making a couple trips, or at least one of the biggest furniture and a second trip later in the week. Well, when I showed up for my truck, it wasn't there yet. The guy who had it out was late bringing it back, and Moving Truck Guy ("Joe"), felt bad about not calling, so he gave me the truck he did have, the next size up for the same price. Sweet deal, right? Just more to gas it up at the end.

Except the gauge never moved! Plus, as I was driving the truck back to the drop-off location, this happened;

Yup, I rolled over the odometer to 100,000 miles. That was fantastic.

Just don't tell Joe I was snapping photos of his dashboard while driving after not paying the $15 insurance fee. Shhh, Internet. Hush.

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