Thursday, September 27, 2012

On Colonoscopies

It occurs to me that if I ever need a colonoscopy, it might be comforting to get a gay male doctor.

I'm sure my regular guy is well versed in the procedure, he might even be technically gifted, but I feel like, at least subconsciously, with a distinct stereotyped bias, the new guy might just be more gentle about the whole procedure.

Scented candles, warmed instruments, maybe some relaxing music, I'm not asking him to take me out for soup and steak, I just think he'd be a little less clinical about the whole experience and understand the position I'm in.

Also, he'd probably take all those accidental innuendos and just run with them. How funny would those jokes be?

"Innuendo? In your endo!" Ah-ha-ha. So good. Thank you, Doctor; that really lightened the mood and set me at ease. I am now ready for the large metal snake to check my internals for signs of ill-health.

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