Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Visible Bra Lines

I'm not enjoying this trend of visible bra lines under loose-fitting t-shirts. Not at all.

For one thing, it's both provocative, and a boner-killer at the same time. Yeah, it's attention-grabbing, but I'm not going to get to see better than that V-line tonight, am I? No nipple, no side-boob, not even cleavage. At best, if I did get to see what's underneath, the shape's not going to be as pert, full, or rounded as what I'm already seeing, which–as just stated–wasn't all that alluring to begin with. It's not sexy and it's exploitative, but not exploitative enough that I become willing to ignore my higher sensibilities because "boobies."

For another thing, the style just looks terrible on men, and that's not fair and equal.

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  1. I happen to love bra lines and think that they're very sexy. Okay, they're not as sexy to some but I'd rather see a nice glimpse of a bra under a top than droopy or saggy boobs. Women might not like it but for a guy, that's a sexy thing to see. Guys have this bra check thing going on and unless we sign visible signs of a bra we'll be bothered until we see one. You don't see straps and downblouse views like we used to, so let us at least enjoy bra bumps, mushroom tops and bra lines. Our beloved panty lines are all but a thing of the past, thanks to thongs and thinner fabric, so all that's left for a cheap thrill are bras. Most women wear them anyway so give the guys a break.


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