Monday, January 14, 2013

Broken Rules of Marketing

I passed a hair and nail salon the other day that clearly never bothered to put its business' name through any sort of peer review process.

I imagine that the "SoHo Salaon" was trying to evoke and idea of the South Hampton neighborhood, but someone really should have told the guy making their requisite neon window sign.

He just kind of smooshed it together so it read, "SoHoSalon," which–my mind being what it is– picked up on as "So ho," as is "So Very, Very, Ho(ish)."

As in, "Hey! Look at that ravaged, raving twatter of a slut. I bet she got her cornrows did at So Ho."

I wouldn't name my dog grooming service "Dirty Bitches." Although, actually, I might. That's the kind of edgy, New York thinking that gets a man ahead on the East Coast.

But not if he's running a hair salon.

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