Saturday, January 19, 2013

Endless Asian

So we're watching an episode of Always Sunny In Philadelphia and the joke is that the little North Korean waitress is actually 12 years old.

The trouble is, we were all hedging bets on the actress' real age. I said 20. Mike said "at least 21." Jay's guess was a lowball around 18ish. It's completely up in the air. Could be anything.

The joke stands. There's just something about homo Sapiens of Mongoloid descent that just gives you such terrific skin and bone structure. It's phenomenal. Bravo, universe.

It's like my organic milk. That stuff stays good for months. I've never seen it go bad, but I know it happens eventually.

Asian women at eighteen until they're thirty, thirty until they're eighty, and then they're 104.

One day, Lucy Liu is going to become 4'10, 3 feet around, and lose half her teeth, and then she'll play the witchy great-great grandmother in Hong Kong sword-and-sorcery flicks for another two decades.

For the record, the actress who plays Sun-Li in "The North Korean Situation"? Her name is Tania Gunadi. She's 29.

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